Test your baby for serious
genetic diseases

They are rare, but life is not always a matter of choices. We are the only provider in Slovakia to offer you two unique and reliable tests for your little one, which you can buy together at a great price.

I protect my precious treasure. That's why I'm addressing...

  • ...the risk of spinal muscular atrophy

    Every parent wants their child to enjoy the joy of being able to move. This important test can detect a dangerous genetic disease that prevents the normal development of motor skills, even in the asymptomatic stage. Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) can be treated effectively, but only if it is detected as soon as possible after birth. Time is of the essence here.

  • …possible side effects of live vaccines

    Today, vaccinations are generally safe and necessary. However, not every child handles them well. That's why there's a test to see if a baby's immune system can handle live vaccines. Test the baby's immunity before the first live vaccine to get an early indication of whether they are safe for his or her health.

  • …possible risks in the baby's genetic make-up

    We offer the Vaccine Safety Test (TREC | KREC) and the Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Screening Test in one package at a better price – and with only a single sampling. For all responsible parents who want complete assurance for their child.

What would be good to know about our tests?

Watch the information video.



"How does the test work and when should I address this?"

The tests are minimally invasive for the baby, as the collection of three drops of blood from the heel or toe is enough. It is advisable to take both tests as soon as possible after birth. In the case of the Vaccine Safety Test (TREC | KREC), it should be done before the first live vaccine is administered.

"Where and how do I arrange the tests?"

Everything can be easily arranged online. We offer sample collection at various sampling points across the country, and you just choose the one closest to you. We also offer sample collection at home for your convenience and that of your child.

"When and how will I get the results?"

You do not need to pick up your results – they will be sent to you in the form of a short SMS message with an interactive link within 15 working days at the latest.

"Is there anything else I should be aware of?"

The only thing you should know is that you are good parents who are doing everything they can for their child simply by reading this website and looking for information. May you and your little one have a wonderful life!
  • For the health
    of our little ones

  • Only one sample collection
    for both tests

  • Convenient online

  • Discounted package
    for comprehensive screening




We decided to get our son genetic tests after he was born because they are not yet included in universal newborn screening. It's a good step that I recommend to all parents for more peaceful sleep. You never know if you, as parents, carry a faulty gene.



I read in the media about four children with spinal muscular atrophy, who were fortunately helped by the whole of Slovakia – they raised the necessary millions for a new medication. However, I was unaware that the medication is only effective if administered within the first two years. And a successful treatment is only possible if this genetic disease is detected early. I am very grateful that there is a test available to detect this genetic disorder that any parent can have their child tested for.



I had read that it was possible to have a baby tested to see if it would be safe for them to be vaccinated, but I didn't realise it existed until after our baby was born. That's when I went online and found, which told me everything I needed to know about this test. I forwarded it to my wife, and we scheduled a sample collection for our little one. I'm glad everything turned out well. Parents need to be made aware of this option. Thanks!



The great thing about these BabyLab tests is that no painful blood draws are required, just a tiny prick in the baby's heel. We had our little one tested when she was one month old. We wanted to know how she would handle the basic vaccinations and if she was at risk of any permanent health impairment. Our paediatrician recommended it and we wanted to be sure. Overall, I've found a lot of good tests on and have taken a few of them myself.



I was given the test as a gift from a friend for my baby when I was still pregnant. She knew how doubtful I was about vaccines and worried about their side effects. I'd told her many stories about children whose lives had been fundamentally altered by vaccinations. She was the one who reassured me and informed me of the vaccine safety test. I am truly grateful to her. I had no idea such a thing existed; all moms should be aware of it!