Whenever you need
reassurance when worried
about coronavirus or after
overcoming it

Laboratory diagnostics that will give you accurate answers to your most important questions about SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus – from A (how do I find out if I have COVID-19?) to Z (can I manage the vaccination without problems?). Rely on our tests whenever you are looking for fast and reliable results for yourself or your child.

When I am worried about COVID-19,
I focus on…

  • much is my organism damaged by overcoming the Covid-19 much is my organism damaged by overcoming the Covid-19

    Have you been experiencing chronic health problems since overcoming COVID-19? It can also be post-COVID syndrome, which manifests itself with a variety of symptoms and can attack any organ or system in the body – including your immunity. If you've been feeling sick all the time since COVID, choose the latest lab test packages for post-COVID syndrome and check if it is affecting you too.

  • ...a possible coronavirus infection

    ...a possible coronavirus infection

    If you need to find out if you have COVID-19 and, in case of a positive result, how infectious you are to people around you, rely on the proven PCR swab at a fair price with a bilingual result automatically at no extra cost.

  • ...stress-free collection even for children

    ...stress-free collection even for children

    Can a child also be conveniently tested? Yes! Without any swabs which can be uncomfortable not only for children, but also for some adults, and yet with the same reliability and acceptability of the result.

  • ...more comfortable sample collection method

    ...more comfortable sample collection method

    We have a saliva test for all those who are looking for a more convenient form of sample collection, but still a maximally reliable result.

  • ...the most comfortable collection for the whole family

    ...the most comfortable collection for the whole family

    You don’t have to go anywhere to take the COVID-19 test. Choose home collection! You can choose between two types of PCR tests and you can do both without professional assistance. The gargle or saliva collection kits will be delivered to your home by our courier and then delivered to the laboratory for evaluation. Choose the sample collection method that suits you best:

  • ...antibodies after overcoming the disease

    ...antibodies after overcoming the disease

    How did your immune system respond to COVID-19 infection? Find out by taking an acute and long-term antibody test after you have had the disease in all three IgA, IgG and IgM classes.

  • ...possible overcoming of the disease without symptoms

    ...possible overcoming of the disease without symptoms

    Do you want to find out if you’ve already overcome COVID-19 because you haven’t had any symptoms? A very cost-effective IgG antibody test after overcoming infection that will give you an answer to this question.

  • uncertainty or fear of vaccination uncertainty or fear of vaccination

    Are you worried about the side effects of COVID-19 vaccines? If you want to be more sure that you won’t experience some serious side effects or if you are worried about the risks of vaccination in relation to your health, rely on this special test, which consists of up to 7 parameters.

  • ...antibody level after vaccination

    ...antibody level after vaccination

    Were your vaccinations effective? If you require proof of the effectiveness of the vaccine given, this test will measure your antibody levels. It can taken from Day 14 after a complete vaccination.

  • ...symptoms of the disease

    ...symptoms of the disease

    Do you have symptoms that match the manifestations of COVID-19? During flu season and beyond, there are opportunities to distinguish the common flu from the coronavirus and protect your loved ones. With this test, you can find out if you have the flu or COVID.



"Is it for me?"

In this range of tests related to COVID-19, you will find the most suitable solutions for all ages – for children, adults and the elderly, but also for immobile people who find it difficult to get to the collection sites. Our laboratory tests will provide answers to questions about the course of, as well as overcoming, the disease, the strength of your post-disease immunity, and immunity after vaccination against COVID-19.

"What types of experiment will you perform on me?"

This depends on the test you choose – you have a choice. If you want to find out if you have a coronavirus in your body, you can choose a classic PCR swab or more convenient forms, such as a gargle test or even a saliva test. If you are worried about the vaccination, or if you want to know the state of your immunity after you have overcome the disease, a blood collection at one of our collection points will be necessary.

"Where and how do I order the tests?"

It only takes a few clicks: you choose a specific test, register yourself or your child, choose the site closest to you, then choose the date and time of collection that suits you. In the case of home collection, it’s even easier – you don’t have to go anywhere. The test kits will be delivered to you by a courier who will wait for the samples and deliver them to our laboratory for evaluation. You will receive your result via an interactive link in a text message.

"And how quickly will I get the results?"

You can have the results of our fastest test within an hour. For other tests, depending on their type, the usual delivery time for results is 1 to 2 business days. For each test, you will find the exact date listed.

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Comfortable collection

CovidLab 4

Comfortable collection
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I still need tests for COVID because I travel a lot and it is essential in some countries. I always order the test through I also have my favourite collection point where the ladies are very sweet and always interested to know where I am travelling to this time. Among other things, I must also point out that has had all the COVID test results automatically presented, since the outbreak of the pandemic, also in English and without any extra charge.




I had a very severe course of the disease, and therefore I was logically afraid of catching it again. I didn’t know if the antibodies would be enough, or if I should get vaccinated or what I should do at all. I’m so glad I found such a wide range of tests for COVID-19 at, where I was well-oriented. I appreciate the sound approach and recommend it.




I appreciate that you provide the option of home collection. For my partially immobile father, whose health we were obviously worried about, it was great to have the option of home collection by gargling. No sticks in the nose, no advice on testing. Not to mention the fact that even a baby could do it.




I must admit, I was not at all comfortable waiting in line outside the mobile collection sites when the pandemic was raging in full force. I had no idea if I was even positive myself, let alone the people in front of or behind me. I had heard many stories of people getting infected just from getting tested. That’s why I welcomed the option of home collection. A friendly gentleman arrived, waited outside the door for the tubes and took them to the lab. And, the next day, I got the results in a text message right away, also in English. For me, the speed/quality/price ratio is great! Thank you.