Be the hero
of your own health!

In the modern world, high demands are placed on men - like superheroes. They have to ensure their work, family, keep fit, handle a lot of responsibilities and tasks. If you wont your health not to betray you, rely on a strong partner in matters of prevention and diagnostics!

I'm a man.

Strong and responsible, even to myself. When faced with challenges, I am unstoppable.

Strong and responsible, even to myself. When I face problems, I am unstoppable.

In health matters, I deal with...

  • ...urological problems

    Symptoms of urological problems including urinary tract infection can be suprising with sudden pain. The worst of it are less painful symptoms which you don not see or feel but it can quietly lead to kidneys failure. And this is a serious thing. It is worth to control your health and functionality of the urinary tract and also prostate thru laboratory diagnostics by simple one collection of the blood test!

  • ...prostate

    Do not underestimate and do not wait! Since specific age prostate disease is effecting most of men. Prostate cancer is in most of cases treatable if its found out in the right time. Within the first complications rather choose this blood test. You can manage it without the stress of any unlpeasent examinations.

  • ...preserving my masculinity

    This is you if you have normal levels of male hormones: a man full of vital energy, action and strength, who looks and feels masculine and enjoys a quality sex life. If any of this is missing, reach for a simple blood test that will tell you where the problem is.

  • ...a long and full life

    For men who want to enjoy life to the fullest, it's important to know their health status at all times. We bring you a higher level of prevention - lab test packages tailored to men based on specific health issues occurring at a certain age.

  • ...intimate health

    Frankly... have you had unprotected sex with a new acquaintance? Have you experienced any symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases? Or do you just want to be sure? Discreet and quick solutions are test packages for sexually transmitted diseases.

  • ...risks

    How not to become a victim of civilisation diseases, even though we all commit various transgressions against our own health? Colon cancer is the second most common type of cancer in the population. Fortunately, there is one of the latest diagnostic methods to detect it early.

  • ...a healthy and fit body

    Even men sometimes have a problem with weight. Our blood tests will help you find out what the problem is if you can't lose weight or, on the contrary, gain weight despite a change in lifestyle.

  • ...celebrations without consequences

    It's nice if you have friends with whom there's always a reason to celebrate. But, if you indulge in alcohol too often, your liver may be at risk. The same is true in the case of junk food, stress or various medications. This test will reveal more about the condition of your liver - also preventative.



”Does it also apply to me?”

It’s true. Men often have no time for anything - even preventive check-ups are attended by far fewer men than women. Put an end to that! Today, you don't even need referrals for a quality preventive check-up. HeroLab is here for men of all ages who want to know what they are on and want to stay healthy and at full strength for as long as possible. So yes, it is for you, too.

“Where and how do I order the tests?”

Very comfortably, at collection points all over Slovakia. Choose the point that is nearest to you and book online for a date that suits you. No referrals, no waiting, and no need to go for the results. These will be sent directly in a text message in the form of an interactive link. Comfortable, isn't it?

“And how quickly will I get the results?”

In health issues it is about diagnosis and diagnosis is about time. So we pride ourselves not only on accuracy, but also on speed. You will receive most results within 1 business day. However, you will find the delivery time of the results listed for each test.
  • For each man

    For each man

  • Health
    under control

    Health under control

  • Convenient online

  • Without waiting




Fast results and very convenient ordering a few clicks away. What I appreciate most is that I can make an appointment for the time and date that fits my schedule and I don't have to wait for an appointment or go early in the morning to wait an hour in the waiting room.



Very clear descriptions, even a layman can choose blood tests according to the type of their problems. But the best are those preventive packages for men of different ages. This relieved me from having to study what all I should have my blood tested for as a precaution. I simply had a package of tests done for men after 40⁠⁠ and sent the results straight to my doctor. I don't go for preventive check-ups, I feel well. But I was left very surprised when the doctor called me the very next day to come in, because apparently I must be examined by a cardiologist.



I have to say that the thing that has put me off some of the examinations at the doctor's office the most is the way they are done. A decade ago, no one would have gotten me to go to an urologist. When I read that prostate problems can also be detected by laboratory tests of blood and urine, I thought I'd give it a try. I feel good that I did something for myself and without stress.



I had no idea that there was a blood test for free testosterone. A fine thing for a man after 35⁠⁠ who wants to start working out in the gym, for example. I tried it because I was suddenly lost from all those recommendations of what all I should take for muscle growth, performance, etc... I didn't want to push just any supplements into myself, much less testosterone. At least it has been confirmed that, according to the test result, it is in the normal range.