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Women can be incredibly caring and powerful. To stay that way, we help you in taking care of your most valuable asset - your health. Let's see how!

I'm a woman.

Strong and fragile. I deal with everything. I protect, but sometimes I need to be protected.

I deal with…

  • …prevention and female hormones

    When we are healthy and feel great, we want to keep it that way.

    Therefore, regular and accurate prevention is important to detect any potential problems.

  • …thyroid gland

    We all sometimes feel  as if something is wrong with our hormones.

    Complete thyroid gland tests will answer these questions.

  • ...weight

    We are all troubled by weight from time to time.

    What is the cause of the inability to lose weight despite a change in lifestyle? Our blood tests will help you find the answer.

  • …trust in your relationship

    Do you protect yourself enough?

    In case of problems, rely on our blood diagnostic tests of sexually transmitted diseases.

  • ...parties

    There's always a reason to celebrate.

    But if we burden our bodies with too many slip-ups, there is a reason for concern. This special test is worth it once a while to keep your liver healthy.

  • …diseases of civilization

    Have you ever seen blood on toilet paper and been scared?

    There is now a simple laboratory test that can detect the risk of colon cancer even if no obvious symptoms exist.



”Does it also apply to me?”

Young girls, ladies, mature women, mothers and grandmas. For rocket women, gentle fairies, sensitive ladies, caring moms and tough managers. Both for women who are in good health and those who are experiencing health issues and are concerned. Simply put, our tests suit every woman who cares about prevention and leaves nothing to chance.

”Where and how do I get my tests done?”

The testing is very convenient and available at sampling points all over Slovakia. Choose the nearest one, and book the date of your choice online. Forget referral tickets, waiting rooms and takeover of results.

”How quickly will I get results?”

Health issues require diagnostics where time is at stake. Consequently, we rely both on precision, but also on speed. Some results are delivered within 1 business day in a short message with an interactive link. Each test is scheduled for a specific date.
  • For women
    of all age groups

  • Health
    under control

  • Convenient
    online booking

  • Tests at an affordable




Convenient and easy search filtered based on health issues. You will choose your test quickly, and should you have questions about the test, use LiveChat to consult with an expert. Cool! It helped me a lot.



We gave our mother an original birthday gift - a voucher, to book a complex set of preventive laboratory tests. Instead of buying nonsense for her birthday, we decided to give our mother something of real use instead, which would protect her health at a higher age. This timely delivered gift turned out to be the best of all. The results revealed the onset of diabetes, despite our mother's good health and disregard for minor symptoms.



An immensely convenient solution for busy people like me. I simply booked my test online on the spur of the moment. Without referral tickets or waiting. The healthcare staff greeted me at the door and performed a quick blood draw. The results, which I was supposed to receive within 24 hours, were delivered within less than ninety minutes!!! It would have taken my doctor three days. Not to mention, my doctor often does not test me.



It should not be overlooked that although these blood tests are intended for self-payers, they are much cheaper than some tests already available in pharmacies, such as the PCR tests. And, of course, of incomparably higher precision. And super available thanks to a large network of sampling points.


39-year-old I frequently use these testing options, both in critical situations when I feel ill and when I am at the other end of Slovakia and cannot get to my general practitioner quickly. I recently had a sudden deterioration in my health, so I scheduled a blood count analysis, called my doctor, and she remotely prescribed medicines, which I received after presenting my health insurance card. The days of waiting rooms are over.



I was surprised that I, a person who is in great shape and runs three times a week, could have health issues. I was surprised to see that my "bad" LDL cholesterol levels were elevated when I held my blood test results in my hands. Yes, even healthy people can have a problem they are unaware of because it does not hurt.